Deadhead surfboards are light but substantial – they feel good underneath the soles of your feet – the heft of the board is ever so right when your arm wraps around it to ferry it down to the surf – you feel good when folks stop you to admire the workmanship in the board – and most of all the ride feels good on a wave.  Guy or gal, check us out.  At our foundation you’ll find a no-nonsense drive to build a strong but very singular board, together with the urge to produce for you a truly superior product.  You’ll want to feel it. You’ll want to come back again to look at it.  We like to think our boards carry some of the history and soul of the trees from which they came.  No, we don’t expect you to shed your plastic boards.   But if you get a look at our boards, get your hands on them to feel the heft and balance,  and get one under your feet on the face of a wave, we believe you’ll consider adding one of our premium hollow wood boards to your quiver.  Thanks for visiting our site!  Browse around and tell us what you think.