4 years, countless -mistakes -revisions and -modifications.  Our investment into making a product that met our idea of what a surfboard should be: beautiful, responsible, durable, and highly functional.  When we started we were not sure how long it would take but 4 years in is when we decided to start marketing and selling our surfboards.  These are some of the fruits of our labor from that period…

Some were Beta-testers, some never touched water.  We’ve tracked down their whereabouts, and depending on their condition, de-waxed them, re-glassed some, and touched them up.  Now we’re offering them to you at great savings to make up a little cost of our investment.

All of these boards are for Wall hanging, coffee table/bar-tops unless otherwise stated.  If you are interested in putting one in the water for fun contact us we’ll point you to the ones that were testers or are suitable for a session here and there.  Otherwise these boards contain elements of the modern production boards we make today – but they are Betas and we do not stand by their durability & longevity like what we turn out today.
We stand by our workmanship on every board we turn out today, and while the Betas each have elements in common with today’s models.  We will not stand behind their performance, or durability as a whole.