Ride the Pine

Want to take your body surfing to the next level?

With a Handplane you can increase your speed and steer into the power source of a wave taking you faster and farther than standard body surfing.

How is this accomplished?

Displace some of the planing surface (normally your bulky body)

Decrease your drag

Keeps your head above the water

Increases maneuverability


Using your dominant hand, with your palm down slide your hand under the strap leaving your thumb free for stabilization.

Position yourself just beyond where the waves are breaking.

As a wave approaches extend your dominant hand and paddle using your free hand and feet.

As you feel the wave begin to drive you forward steer yourself with the breaking wave. [note: parallel to the beach yields the longest rides]

The wave has you now, streamline your body [superman pose] use the handplane to control your direction and stay with the power source of the wave.

Enjoy the ride!

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We do custom engraving upon request!